Jeans appear to be the most basic of casual wear. When people wear jeans, little to no thought goes into how the jeans will fit. This is what primarily may cause a fashion disaster. The jeans can be trendy and look good, but that doesn’t mean that the jeans will look good on you. There are many things to consider when you go to put on your pair of jeans.

Knowing which jeans are best to wear depends on your size. Are you curvy or slim? The jeans must be able to master your shape and build if you want to look fashionable and trendy in your pair of jeans. If you curvy, you should go for the lowest rise that will allow you to remain decent when bending over. You may also consider pairing your jeans with a long T-shirt or a shirt that will conceal your waistband. Remember, when you dress yourself, you always want to hide your imperfections so that you can show off your perfections.

Jennifer Hudson in high rise knee patch jeans

Now if you are thin and high-waist, you may want to consider high-rise to make your legs appear longer. This works out well for women and gives her that sexy long-legged look that makes her look like a supermodel. Guys, if you are not that tall or always prefer to make yourself appear taller, you may want use this technique as well. Otherwise, go with a mid-rise.

runway models in skinny jeans

Are you a bit edgy? Ladies, then go for skinny jeans. You can wear these at any rise and you will look sexy in skinny jeans.

beautiful woman in boot-leg jeans

Perhaps you would rather dress more traditionally. Then you may consider going with mid-rise straight or boot-leg jeans. This will give more of an adult look and perhaps, make you come across as more conservative. Your straight-leg jeans should fall from the widest part of your hip.

hot women in bright colored orange bell bottom jeans

Bell bottoms are a good look for women. In the eighties they came back mercilessly and still look good, in even in our current era. Bell bottoms give women that added flare and still appear sexy.

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