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Street Fashion Is Born From The Grassroots


Street fashion is when people express their attitudes of dressing with style, but this style is purely for the streets. Since the beginning of fashion, fashion has always started in the streets. That's how we have created our best ideas and most interesting styles. Street fashion comes from the grassroots and has nothing to do with studios or large corporations trying to push the next style on the market. Street fashion is dressing from the soul and it breaks all the rules of fashion. It stems from a subculture which transcends from the youth and spreads to the fashion market. Once the fashion industry begins marketing the ideas and designs, it spreads within the mainstream market and that's essentially how new fashion trends and ideas are born.

Street style has become a major part of the runways, as the fashion industry spends tons of money marketing fashion to the youth culture. Once this is done effectively, trends bloom within the fashion market and if marketed successfully, the new lines of fashion tends to sell like hot cakes. Today's youth are highly conscious of their presentation and how they appear in the clothes that they wear. For this reason, there is not just one line of street fashion, but it appears that every culture and class of people have embraced their own type of street fashion.

Street Fashion - Society On The Move


In the 19th century, the population in America was made up of vast ethnic and cultural groups. Of course, each culture had its own traditions and influences of clothing. Among these variants, they were defined by region class, age, wealth and profession. These existing groups of people were constantly being influenced by immigration into the New World. Mostly these integrations came from Europe, which included Italians, Germans, Poles, Jews, Russians, Swedes, African and people of Irish decent. The Chinese took suit and followed behind, integrating more into these cultures. A new America was being born, and ideas that would spawn fashion into the next millennium. The Indians, who were forced  into the Arctic regions to the southern tip of South America, were known for wearing ravishing magnificent dress, made from skin, furs and feathers. Western items of dress or decoration were often adopted, such as beads, coins, jackets and blankets. Often the Native Americans were forced to wear European clothes. This was street fashion back then.

Most of the European city dwellers wore the standard European fashions, while others wore clothes or fashion that was directly related to their nationality, religion or way of life. This was happening as the United States was on the verge of gaining independence. The settlers had moved West and into Canada. City clothing was rarely appropriate in the wide open spaces, where the only means of transportation was horseback. The workforce at that time had to wear clothing that was appropriate for a tough and active life.

The first African Americans in America didn't come to the land in hopes of building a better life. They were bought to America against their will and sold as slaves during the days of the slave trade. These slaves were bought to South America, the Caribbean Islands and South America during the 1600's. The African slaves were treated cruelly and forced to work on sugar or cotton plantations. They didn't gain their freedom until the nineteenth century. Slavery ended in the British Caribbean in 1838, The United States in 1865, and Brazil in 1888. But it had not actually ended at that time. Even then, slavery was replaced by a poverty-stricken existence as sharecroppers, laborers or fisherman. In the United States, some African Americans made it out west and worked as cowboys. Although the African American fashions were mostly European, some of the African traditions managed to still survive, greatly influencing street fashion abroad.

The United States had a lot going on in the 19th century. This could be the reason that clothes in the countries largest states, such as New York City, Philadelphia, Boston or Washington didn't look too different from what people were wearing in London, Paris or Berlin. An international style of dressing was becoming prevalent.

Street Fashion - Looking Forward In Time To High Fashion

sexy street fashion high fashion

Women's fashions of the 1800's were some of the most elegant. The women's fashion was comfortable and natural looking. It was the most exotic and beautiful fashion that the century would see. Imagine straight-cut ankle-length dresses made of fine embroidered muslin or sturdy printed cottons. These dresses were high waist, with a ribbon below the bosom and short, puffed sleeves. Envision arm-length gloves which could be worn to an elegant ball or fur muff on a cold winter afternoon to keep your hands warm from the harsh winters. Women's shoes were flat and dainty leather slippers.

Men's street fashion started to evolve. Men stopped wearing knee-length breeches and stockings and started to wear long trousers. A gentleman would wear a high collared shirt with a stock wound around the neck, usually tied with a bow. It wouldn't be hard to find an elegant colorful tailcoat, reaching the backs of the knees but cut to waist level at the front. Sometimes you would see a vest.

Let's scavenge through the 1820's and 30's, when women skirts became increasingly full and enamored with with floral trimmings and bows. By the 1850's, the style turned into full crinoline, wide bell-like skirts that were pushed out by hoops of steel and whalebone. The hair was elegantly pulled back from the face or even curled into tight ringlets. The lady would sometimes wear a parasol.

Northeast Street Fashion - The Fashion Shift

northeast street fashion

By the 19th century, the northeast was the most urbanized part of the United States. The Northeast was a center for industry, business - and of course, fashion. The women of New York City wore the most elaborate finery, and exhibited the most glorious and fascinating fashions. Most of the religious groups chose to settle in regions such as Pennsylvania since the 1600's where they dressed modestly. The Quakers and the Shakers admired simplicity and plain street clothing. they frowned on corsetry and gaudy clothing. The Amish observed an even more strict dress code.

Outside the cities, most people owned few clothes beyond their practical working outfits and their Sunday best. People in these times were thrifty, and they didn't simply replaced torn or worn clothes as we do more frequently now. They would actually repeatedly repair and mend their clothing. Young girls learned the skills necessary to maintain their clothes, which started at a very early age.

Up until the late eighteenth century, it was the man who wore the most flamboyant of outfits. Contrary to now, the man's wardrobe would be full of laces and bows as will as high heeled shoes with tiny buckles. As the country changed vastly, so did the clothes that people were wearing on the streets. Emphasis shifted to democracy and the ultimate perfection of the common man. Street fashion changed. It had become less ostentatious and pompous. The inauguration of Thomas Jefferson was quite different than George Washington. Both men were following the fashion of their era.

Street Fashion - Clothes Make The Person

elegant street fashion

Clothing tells us a lot about ourselves and projects a vivid image of the types of personalities we posses. Street fashion is a highly visible medium of communication that carries detailed information about who we are, what we think about and what our dreams could be.While cultural pop icons and the economy provoke subtle changes in the clothes we wear, the purpose of street fashion has always been the same. Street fashion is a means of how we express ourselves to the rest of the world. Street fashion is us taking our image and appeal into our own hands. The purpose of street fashion never changes. Strike a pose and look ravishingly debonair. Everything that happens in the world influences how we dress on the streets and the common clothes that we wear. Fashion moves in cycles, like a wave that peaks and ebbs. The beautiful thing about fashion is that it always seems to return, in its revised edition.

With globalization of international brands, the entire concept of street fashion is constantly evolving. What is hot today may be not be so hot tomorrow. With such tools as television and the internet right at the tips of our fingers and on our cell phones, someone from America can see a nice outfit in Europe, and instantly make it apart of their street collection. Depending on the popularity or influence of the person wearing the trend, it could be a major fashion trend by the end of the week. No one wants to be left behind when it comes to fashion, so people are constantly alert for new fashion trends as they are born.

There are many factors that create the fashion shift in the USA. People's way of lives are much more different now than in previous eras. For instance, many households have more than one income contributing to the debt that the family has obtained. The disposable income is vastly higher than it ever was. When nations become wealthier, they tend to spend more money. Wealth also creates a sea of special occasions which increase the need to spend more money on outfits that could be worn only once. Today is different from the times of yesterday. For instance, in my lifetime I have several female managers. Women have invaded the workforce and they maintain high positions and many are even starting to make more money than their male counterparts. And everyone knows how much women like to shop for clothes. Finally, Americans have become more fashionably conscious than ever before. Street fashion rules. There are no rules to wearing street fashion. People simply dress how they want without worrying about how they might be perceived. If something is in style, people can choose to wear the total opposite and not be condemned for it. At best, they will be judged about their fashion statement and that's where the ball stops.

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Hip Hop Fashion: Hip hop comes from the streets anyway. So of course hip hop fashion comes from the imagination of the streets. Hip hop fashion is an expressive fashion that allows the youth (particularly inner city youth) to express themselves in ways that allow them to feel free. Because Hip Hop art form is an expressive art that is rebellious in nature, the fashion trends that it provokes are just as rebellious in nature. When you see a kid sagging his jeans past his waistline, he is not trying to be polite. He is actually putting his middle finger up at the world. It's that child's release about all of the things that are wrong within his society or culture. You can say that he is "keeping it real," and not pulling back any punches. No wonder Hip Hop quickly grew from an inner city music and culture to a music that children all around the globe would embrace.

When you see someone dressed in Hip Hop clothing, you can assume that they want to show their edgy side and embrace a fashion culture that is more daring. Maybe they want to show their attitude or just present a more care free nature. From tight skirts to sagging jeans, Hip Hop has become a mainstream in fashion which was embraced by such designers as Tommy Hilfigure, who admits it was accidental as well as highly profitable for him. Today Tommy Hilfigure is one of the most recognized mainstream lines of clothing.

tommy hilfigure beyonce knowles

Tommy Hilfigure endured an attack in the turn of the millennium about being racist and not wanting black people to wear his clothing. Regrettably, he never cleared up the rumor which was untrue, according to an interview he did over a decade later on the Oprah Winfrey Show. He admitted that his business suffered and that sales declined. Tommy Hilfigure was among the first mainstream fashion designers to embrace Hip Hop fashion culture, thrusting Hip Hop fashion to mainstream fashion.


These women are dressed in trendy hip hop clothing that display attitude and style. Hip Hop fashion separates itself from other fashion styles of clothing because of the attitude that is expressed in hip hop culture.

tommy hilfigure street fashion

These children are dressed in Tommy Hilfigure street wear, which is mainly noticed by overly large and loose clothing.

hip hop artist dress style

This Hip Hop artist is expressing attitude and flare with gaudy clothing that is overly colorful and saggy pants. (Note: Hip Hop dressing is attitude of youth culture being reflected through their clothes. Hip Hop fashion allows children to dress like gangsters or thugs, but most of them are just normal children).

hip hop fashion gangster fashion

Often Hip Hop fashion may allow the youth to dress like gangsters or thugs which shows a rebelliousness towards their parents and to society. It's a direct punch in the face to domineering forces such as organized governments and anything that establishes rules which oppress the youth's freedom.

Street Fashion
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Hipster Fashion: The term hipster is used to denote an international subculture living in urban areas according to Wikipedia. They are associated with indie and alternative music, and a varied non-mainstream fashion sense with independent political views and live alternative lifestyles. Hipsters are generally classified as affluent or middle class young Bohemians who reside in gentrifying neighborhoods. Hipsters were birthed at the turn of the 20th century and became particularly prominent past 2010's. Hipsters were derived from earlier movements which predate to back before the 1940's. The meaning has always been elusive, without a clear defining definition for this particular culture which tends to be highly selective.

women dressed in hipster fashion clothing

This woman sporting hipster fashion is wearing a bright colored scarf, along with circular sunglasses and a beige suede jacket. Fashionably dressed, she wears a short ruffled blouse and gray tight leggings that compliment her leather purse. The brown shoes are a perfect match for her trendy, very sporty jacket.

muslim hipster fashion

This woman is wearing Muslim hipster fashion, noted by her green head rag, The black sunglasses are complimented by her black ruffled scarf. What you can note is how her white tee shirt concentrates the eye on either the tan suede leather jacket or the rainbow flower covered jacket. The balck pants are almost as tight as spandex and the off white handbag brightens up the entire outfit.

hipster sweaters on beautiful women

These women are wearing fashionable and very colorful hipster sweaters. The sweaters are very colorful and very eye catching as most hipster fashion wear is.

hipster jacket shows a lot of attitude

This hipster jacket shows a lot of attitude and style.The back of the jacket appears to be the most interesting part as you can see silver embroidered skeleton bones lining the shoulder line with silver chains all the way across. This hipster jacket also has painted pictures of skeletons and dead animals on the denim jacket.

Street Fashion
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Gothic Fashion: Gothic fashion is a street fashion noted for dark colors in which people who practice Gothic culture say they value the mysterious darkness and explain how black is the most powerful of all colors. Though most people see dark as depressing and dismal, Gothic people see a brightness in the dark and dominating colors. Gothic is associated with morbidity and death. Typical Gothic fashion expresses black hair, black lips and black clothes. Male and Females who wear Gothic fashion wear dark eyeliner as well as dark fingernail polish. Fashionable ideas are usually taken from Punks, Victorians and Elizabethans. Gothic fashion is often acquainted with Heavy Metal and Emo Fashion.


Notice the dark and seductive colors of these sexy Gothic outfits. The boots are high lift and all string strapped with elegant black dresses which are filled with fur and various shiny emblems on the dresses. The leather gloves add attitude and style. All of these women have short hair and choke straps around their necks.

gothic painted face

This person who wears Gothic fashion is heavily painted on his or her face in which they wear a variety of facial piercings such as a nose ring in which the chain extends to their ear where a hoop earring is embedded in the person's ear. The chain from the nose to the ear has crosses hanging it, three piercings underneath the bottom lip that is covered heavily with dark lipstick and a piercing above the top lip. The eyebrows are painted on and additional piercings in between the person's eyes. The Mohawk hairstyle is long and very dark and the person has a variety of chains and beads around their neck with an identifying cross.

gothic woman in black leather

This lady dressed in Gothic wear has beautiful long, silky, curly hair past her shoulders. She has a slim build and hourglass hips with very tight clothes that hug her shape and an exotic belt with silver buckles. She wears a laced blouse top with buttons and choke necklace as well as black wristband. The leather pants are a glowing shiny black and her black outfit is complete with stiletto heel boots which are also leather.

Street Fashion
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Urban Fashion: Urban fashion is used to describe fashion that is worn primarily by African Americans. During the great migration African Americans populated themselves in cities and 80 percent of African American population could be found generally in cities along the East Coast region. Today people from all cultures embrace urban fashion which is particularly a mainstream form of street fashion.

black women urban fashion

These African American women are wearing street fashion clothing. On the right you have an African American woman dressed with a black bandana on her hair that is worn in an up style. Her loosely fit white shirt has a painting of a blue fish and her ruffled shorts extend past her thighs. She has smooth legs and is wearing black high heel shoes and carries a stylish pink handbag.

On the right you have an African American woman wearing a leopard dress complimented with black beads and black strapped stilettos. Her leopard imprinted dress opens in the front and reveals her long illustrious legs.

man wearing urban street wear

This man is wearing a gray sweater with a high collar and a beige dress shirt underneath a gray t shirt. Stylish indeed, he is wearing brown corduroy pants with a lose fit black belt.

sophisticated urban fashion

This woman is dressed in urban fashion, but with a clean cut sophisticated edge. The first thing you may notice is that she is wearing dingy ripped skinny jeans which is complimented with a trendy sweater that wears like a blazer. Also a gray hat which matches her gray shoes elegantly.

Street Fashion