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Nicki Minaj Fashion Style | Dress Like Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Fashion Style

Nicki Minaj ass has been the center of attention on the issue of big butts since her well talked about ass injections.
Nicki Minaj shows her ass in Hawaii photo shoot and then tweets shots of her ass.

Nicki Minaj is wonder woman in sexy wonder woman outfit showing and outlining all of her curves
Nicki Minaj is wonder woman in sexy wonder woman outfit showing and outlining all of her curves.

Nicki Minaj Fashion Style - Nicki Minaj ass stays popping at her performances where tens of thousands of fans all crave more of her huge ass. Minaj has such a fat ass. That's one thing you can appreciate about the multiplatinum selling rap artist. In fact, what has been most controversial about Nicki Minaj is her ass. There has been speculation that her ass is not real. But you have to admit, real or not, Nicki Minaj has a huge ass. 
This may be the very thing that separates Nicki Minaj apart from her competition. . . Her bubble butt! Aside from having a gigantic booty, Nicki Minaj also makes some pretty impressive songs as well. Nicki Minaj has had a number of hits. Nicki Minaj has also been a controversial figure in the media. When the newcomer rap artist had a feud with Little Kim, that caused a lot of controversy.

Nicki Minaj ass from side angle with red tight jump suit.What fans love about Nicki Minaj so much besides her huge ass are the rapper's multiple personalities that have been known to make guest appearances on her albums.
Fans are mystified by the alluring rap artist. Nicki Minaj is known for starting a variety of trends. Among those trends is Nicki Minaj's ass. Her butt is bound to receive attention wherever she goes. And then there's also the fact that Nicki Minaj claims to be a bisexual.Nicki Minaj is charming, sexy, intelligent, and she has thick thighs and a huge booty. She is adored by fans all over the world. Everyone is interested in what she is doing. She has a unique style that is often compared to Lady Gaga.
Minaj is also one of the best-selling female rap artists in the history of rap music. Fans have questioned why Nicki Minaj has had surgery to make her as bigger. The answer is so simple. Sex appeal sells records. In other words, the bigger the butt, the more albums you will sell. And what could be a better trend than a woman's fat donkey ass?

Nicki Minaj Looking Ass

The song "Ass" has over six million views on Youtube. This is the official song, "Ass" by Nicki Minaj and Big Sean. This is the full remix to the hit song found on YouTube.


Nicki Minaj ass in silver mini skirt. Look at her thick thighs as she crosses her legs in those stiletto's.

Nicki Minaj ass popping on stage while hugging Kanye West.
Nicki Minaj seems to love showing her curves and mainly her fat ass off for the public. Nicki Minaj decided to pose for a photo shoot in which she would exploit her voluptuous figure and curves. Mainly that huge booty she has no problem with flashing in front a camera at any given point in time. We are not complaining and not even women seem to be offended. In fact, Nicki Minaj reportedly had more followers on Twitter than any other celebrity. Women seem to love Nicki Minaj ass as much as, if not even more than the fellas!Nicki Minaj ass has been talked about since the beginning of the artists career. People have wanted to know if it's real or if it's fake. There has been talk and rumors about Nicki Minaj having ass injections and she has never really denied any of these rumors. Earlier this year, Nicki Minaj ass surfaced on the internet again. Nicki Minajpromised fans that she would be showing off pictures on Instagram when she was done at the photo shoot. Her words, "a full back shot." Fortunately for curious fans, Nicki Minaj posted pictures of her ass with photos of her in a thong bikini. Omg! The pictures of Nicki Minaj ass are pure works of perfection! One could imagine, with all the controversy that Nicki Minaj ass always causes, Twitter made these shots of Nicki Minaj ass some of the most viral things on the internet. The edgy hardcore but sexy rapper who has also been known for having beef with Mariah Carey together hosting the hit television series, American Idol, definitely looks good in her pictures. One could argue that Nicki Minaj has a flawless ass! Yet another could argue that Nicki Minaj has a fake ass! Even another that Nicki Minaj could have a fake ass or she could have a real ass.  It simply wouldn't matter because everyone loves seeing Nicki Minaj exploit her ass!
Nicki Minaj in laced black lingerie and white jacket
Nicki Minaj ass featured in a tight black revealing lingerie with white jacket dress shirt. You have to love Nicki Minaj's sexy curves!
nicki minaj leapord catsuit sexy tight stilettos shoes match
Picture of Nicki Minaj's ass in tight leather catsuit on stage and a model wearing her suit for cheap price. Any women would look as sexy as Nicki Minaj in this outfit.
NickiPurpGloves-poster hot collectors item nicki minaj
Nicki Minaj poster in purple gloves is a collectors edition poster, I am sure, but not certain. All I know is that she looks so hot in this outfit and this poster captures her full likeness.

People always compare Nicki Minaj with Lady Gaga. So who do you think has the hotter ass?

Nicki Minaj huge ass being flaunted at the BET awards.
Nicki Minaj flashing her huge ass in one of her hot rap videos.


Nicki Minaj flirtatiously grinding and bumping her ass against Lil Wayne in front of green screen (Animated)
Nicki Minaj ass in black and white crawling on rug on floor.

Nicki Minaj ass standing next to Amber Rose on stage.

Nicki Minaj takes an ass shot for the camera. This is a full body body pic of Nicki Minaj ass exposed. A very good shot of Nicki Minaj ass.Nicki Minaj ass rocks! But is it real. Earlier pictures of the superstar hint that the ass could be fake. Nicki Minaj has not denied that her ass was fake.The 29-year-old, newly crowned American Idol judge, has never confirmed the widespread rumor her humungous booty is fake, the more famous she gets, the more media pundits try to get to the bottom of whether or not Nicki Minaj ass is real. But it really doesn't matter because ass sells records. Period!

These are pics of Nicki Minaj when her butt was smaller. We like it bigger though, don't we?

Love Nicki Minaj Ass all you want. One thing we have noticed is that the pop star is getting lighter. Or is this just our imaginations?


Nicki Minaj ass shot in a purple and black stripped mini skirt. Very well taken photo of Nicki Minaj huge booty.

Nicki Minaj ass bent over exposing all the goods. This is a very sexy photo of Nicki Minaj bending that fat ass over.


Nicki Minaj ass full body shot. Shocking photo of Nicki Minaj showing her curves and that huge bulge of her ass in the back!
Nicki Minaj ass... omg! This is a very seductive picture of Nicki Minaj with one leg up against the wall with a big round fat ass popping out of her very sexy, silky, short dress.

Nick Minaj ass. This picture takes the take with a tantalizing photo of Nicki Minaj ass popping out as she is turned facing the walk and looking back at the camera as if to say, "Yea, I know I have a fat ass!" Yes you do Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj fat ass. We all love when Nicki Minaj wears spandex that shows off her fat ass so well. And Nicki Minaj loves showing off her round rump!

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj is crawling on the sand while on a beach in London with, of course, her curvy ass poked up and pointed at the sky!


Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj wears the craziest costumes. But we love when Nicki Minaj ass is well displayed like in this picture with her taken from behind and her huge ass' cracks smiling for the camera!

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj wiggles her beautiful booty for the camera in this picture. the best part of all, is you can watch Nicki Minaj shake her ass for you over and over.

Nicki Minaj ass. This is a gorgeous shot of Nicki Minaj ass being well displayed on stage at a concert. Doesn't Nicki Minaj have a beautiful ass?

Nicki Minaj ass. Wow! Nicki Minaj grabs Rihanna's ass. Rihanna grabs Nicki Minaj ass back. this is an epic moment for the ass queen.

Nicki Minaj ass. This is a picture of Nicki Minaj hosting an ass shaking competition.

Nicki Minaj ass. In tight black spandex, Nicki Minaj loves to flaunt that fat booty!

Nicki Minaj ass. This is an unbelievably sexy picture of Nicki Minaj ass in a tight flowered mini skirt and stiletto high heel pumps. It may be a little slutty, but Nicki Minaj pulls it off, showing her fat ass and seductive curves.

Nicki Minaj ass. This is picture of Nicki Minaj tossing one leg up and you can see a side profile shot of her donkey fat ass!
Nicki Minaj ass. This is a picture of Nicki Minaj dressed up showing off her ass in her famous genie get up. Again, like in most of her pictures, that fat donkey ass is hanging out there!

Nicki Minaj ass. Picture of Nicki Minaj ass oiled down. Warning!!! This is a very sexy pic of Nicki Minaj ass.
Nicki Minaj ass. This is a heart throbbing photo shot of Nicki Minaj ass as she is walking away from the camera. This girl knows she has that ass popping and fans love to see Nicki Minaj show her gigantic ass!

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj wears a black spandex outfit and poses with her ass to the camera while she stares at you with them sexy "You can get it" eyes.
Nicki Minaj ass. This is a picture of Nicki Minaj ass poking out while she is half dressed at a motel.

Nicki Minaj ass. Comparison of Nicki Minaj's ass with Kim Kardashian. Who has the hugest booty? Toss up???

Nicki Minaj ass. This is Nicki Minaj ass sticking out while she is on a beach in the sand wearing green hair. I bet Nicki Minaj's ass caused quite a stir that day!

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj ass wasn't so huge back then when she took the cover picture for Marc Ecko's Complex Magazine. She was still a beautiful woman though. But Nicki Minaj ass is making a lot more noise in these times.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj ass on stage while she is performing with Drake in this picture.

Nicki Minaj ass. In this photo of Nicki Minaj ass, you can see the curves real well as she gives a peace sign to her fans from stage and an evil"Nicki Minaj - I have a fat ass smile!" Ha ha ha.Of all of the celebrities that have fat butts, Nicki Minaj is among the celebrities who are famous based on having a big butt. Nicki Minaj ass has gained a lot of attention in the media, especially since she went and had her behind surgically enhanced to be bigger and fill her curves better. Hey! Nicki Minaj ass was fine before the surgeries but no one is complaining about Nicki Minaj ass being so big. The fact of the matter is, women and men all over the world love the bisexual superstar's rump!

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj shows her ass while dressed up in a sexy police uniform. Does anyone want to be arrested by Nicki Minaj tonight, just to see her ass?

Nicki Minaj ass. This is a side shot of Nicki Minaj ass in some real kinky and sexy black lingerie mini skirt outfit. Do you see the ass on Nicki Minaj? It appears that Nicki Minaj ass tends to dominate her photo's.
Nicki Minaj ass. Okay okay. Whether not Nicki Minaj ass is real or not is beside the point for the purpose of you guys who will worship thispicture of Nicki Minaj ass poked all the way out of back as if Nicki Minaj ass is pregnant!

Nicki Minaj ass. This is a playful picture of Nicki Minaj crawling on the floor in a tight, sexy and seductive bathing suit with a slight smile on her face.Nicki Minaj ass is waving in the sky in this pic too! SMH.

Nicki Minaj ass. Okay, I know you can think of better things that you can do besides drool over Nicki Minaj's mega huge ass, but you would rather stare at Nicki Minaj's giant butt, so check this photo out!
Nicki Minaj ass. Wow! This is a picture of two of the hottest sex queens together. Nicki Minaj ass and Amber Rose ass. Now you have two asses together that could fill up any stadium with horny men and drive them wild!

Nicki Minaj ass. Every heterosexual male wish that their woman's ass looked like this. In a perfect world maybe. But who said that we were supposed to live in a paradise. Nicki Minaj ass doesn't have to be real. Her booty is still a magnificent beauty for men and women to admire.

Nicki Minaj ass. You can never have too many ass shots of the ass queen of pop and hip hop music. Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj ass. This is a photograph of Nicki Minaj ass right where you would like to have it. Locked up in a cage! No seriously, there is something about seeing a beautiful woman in a cage. Could you imagine having Nicki Minaj ass in a cage all to yourself guys?

Nicki Minaj ass. yet another astonishing photo of Nicki Minaj ass poking out of her back while she is in a yellow cage.
Nicki Minaj ass. Justin Beiber makes the face of all faces as he stands behind Nicki Minaj in a humping position and Nicki Minaj pops her ass in front of him. Her expression in this picture is priceless!

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj ass in stockings and lace on stage making a sexy face for her fans.

Nicki Minaj ass. In this picture Nicki Minaj does a sexy ass shake in an outfit that is very revealing. Have fun with this animation picture.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj wears the hell out of these skin tight jeans at a concert. See the ass?

Nicki Minaj ass. In this photograph, Nicki Minaj has her ass in the air and put this on the photo: "I can find sex appeal in every girl. All girls have something about them, like some sort of mystery, some sort of animalistic thing that makes them very sexy." Like Nicki Minaj's ass.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj is a beautiful woman. She really doesn't have to show her ass in just about any opportunity she gets, butt she does. Pun intended...
NickiMinaj ass
Nicki Minaj ass. Watching Nicki Minaj wave her ass in the air must be one of the perks of working with this talented artist.

Nicki Minaj ass. This is a back shot of Nicki Minaj ass in tight black spandex. Nicki Minaj really loves her spandex.
Nicki Minaj ass. This is Nicki Minaj rocking a Mohawk Pink hairstyle and you can see her Nicki's ass poking out the side. Thunder thighs.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj flaunts her ass in a picture with superstar Cassie. They both look sexy in this pic don't they?

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj takes a picture with Lauren London who appears as though she wants to lick Nicki like a lolipop... lol

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj ass popping out of a laced see through outfit.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj shows her ass while on a bike wearing blue shorts.

Nicki Minaj ass. Black and white photo of Nicki Minaj where you can see her ass real good.
Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj's bodyguard escorts her with revealing stage outfit and hooker boots in an airport. I bet there were some pleased passengers that day!

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj in exotic, yet sexy, space outfit and matching classic pink Gumby hairstyle, of course.

Nicki Minaj ass. In khakis and high heels with revealing top and also a sparkly glitter body outfit.

Nicki Minaj ass. Glimpse of Nicki Minaj ass as she walks away from the camera in her yellow dress and high heel pumps.

Nicki Minaj ass. You can see Nicki Minaj enormous butt as she stands in beach water with her back facing the camera in a pink swimsuit.

Nicki Minaj ass. Sitting in front of her television is Nicki Minaj with her butt in front of the camera in a very sexy and revealing thong. You can't even see Nicki's face in this pic. Probably don't want to.
Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj ass standing outside in black lace in front of bridge.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj laying on chair with her ass poked up.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj takes a picture of someone with her ass out exposing her studded undies.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj takes a moment from the crowd to seduce the camera. Nicki's ass is very much exposed in this pick. Minaj's booty needs its own separate zip code.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj ass is well exposed in this pick with her on the stage letting her ass face the crowd.

Nicki Minaj ass. Wearing a colorful costume spandex outfit, Nicki Minaj butt faces the crowd during one of her shows.

Nicki Minaj ass. The queen of ass sports spandex while at a function and lets all that booty hang out.

Nicki Minaj ass. Who is making huge money off of their ass? Nicki Minaj definitely is.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj signs a fans ass during a function.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki with one leg up in the air rested against the wall wearing a very short mini skirt and high heel pumps. Note the ass popping as usual.
Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj shows off her ass in black sexy spandex and gives us all a visual treat.

Nicki Minaj ass.  You can't disagree with the fact that Nicki Minaj ass sells records. That's the bigger picture for her.
Nicki Minaj ass. This is a modern and tempting picture of Nicki Minaj at just the right angle where you can see her fat ass real good.

Nicki Minaj ass. This is Nicki Minaj addressing a crowd in Las Vegas, Nevada in a gold, skin tight dress driving fans wild with her huge booty. Nicki Minaj got it going on?

Nicki Minaj ass. This is Nicki Minaj getting down with that giant donkey ass on the dance floor.

Nicki Minaj ass. This is a picture of Nicki Minaj's ass hanging out while she only wears jogging pants and a button up shirt. Now... that ass is sexy right thur!

Nicki Minaj ass.  She sits on a bed wearing hooker boots and tight jeans holding an object in her hand, Nicki's ass is glad to greet the camera.

Nicki Minaj ass. Nicki Minaj ass is sexy.



Nicki Minaj ass.Backshot of Nicki Minaj ass walking away from the camera in a sexy tight black leather cat suit.

Nicki Minaj ass. The mega superstar signs a fan's ass in public
Nicki Minaj ass. This is what Nicki Minaj ass looks like when she takes a shower and is wet.
nicki minaj ass
Nicki Minaj ass. This is Nicki Minaj ass with a see through black short mini skirt on during a stage performance.

Nicki Minaj ass. Thick hips and thick thighs make Nicki Minaj ass look sexy in all of our eyes.
AllThingsJillScott.blogspot.comNicki Minaj did a song called ass. Here are the lyrics to the song:[Hook]
Ass ass ass ass ass
Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass
Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass
Stop… make that motherfucker hammer time like…[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Wobble-dy wobble-dy wa wobble wobble
I’m st-stacking my paper my wallet look like a bible
I got girlies half naked that stuff look like the grotto
How your waist anorexic and then your ass is colossal
Drop that ass make it boomerang
Take my belt off, bitch I’m Pootie Tang
Tippy tow tippy tay you gon' get a tip today
Fuck that you gonna get some dick today
I walk in with my crew and I’m breaking they necks
I’m looking all good I’m making her wet
They pay me respect they pay me in checks
And if she look good she pay me in sex (do it)
Bounce that ass (ass) it’s the roundest
You the best, you deserve a crown bitch, right on that ass[Hook][Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
Wobbledy wobble, wo-wo-wobble, wobbin’
Ass so fat, all these bitches’ pussies is throbbin’
Bad bitches, I’m your leader, Phantom by the meter
Somebody point me to the best ass-eater
Tell 'im "Pussy clean!" I tell them "Pussy squeaky!"
Niggas give me brain ’cause all of them niggas geeky
If he got a mandingo, then I buy him a dashiki
And bust this pussy open in the islands of Waikikiiiiii...
Kiss my ass and my anus, ’cause it’s finally famous
And it’s finally soft, yeah, it’s finally solved!
I don’t know, man, guess them ass shots wore off!
Bitches ain’t poppin’, Google, my ass
Only time you on the net is when you Google my ass
Y-y-you fuckin’ little whores, fu-fuckin’ up my decors
Couldn’t get Michael Kors if you was fuckin’ Michael Kors
B-B-Big Sean, b-boy, how big is you?
Gimme all yo’ money and gimme all yo’ residuals
Then slap it on my ass, ass, ass…[Hook][Verse 3: Big Sean]
Woah, white girls, black girls, tall girls, fat girls
Shake that ass shake that ass, shake that ass
Shake that ass, shake that Ass, shake that ass
Go, go
Short girls, small girls, skinny girls, all girls
Shake that ass shake that ass, shake that ass
Shake that ass, shake that Ass, shake that ass
And I want all of that[Hook]Go stupid!
Rudy From The Cosby Show
Keshia Knight Pulliam got Nicki Minaj beat! OMG! The Cosby girl known as Rudy is ALL THAT! Too bad she don't rap or sing.Check't-live-without-these-hairstylesKeshia Knight Pulliam is Rudy From Cosby Show
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Nicki Minaj

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